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Cloud Partner Navigator is now a true partner portal as we have migrated all end customers on the Cloud Services Platform (CSP).

Cloud Services Provider – SaaS (CSP-SaaS) tenants would be able to access all capabilities via the Cloud Services Platform, whereas all CSP-SaaS partners would continue to manage the customers via Cloud Partner Navigator (CPN).

What does this mean for our Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners?

  1. No loss of functionality while managing end customers/ tenants.
  2. No switching between Provider Org and Tenant Org.
  3. All capabilities are available on the CSP-SaaS provider org.

What does this mean for the end customers of Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners?

  1. They no longer need to login to Cloud Partner Navigator and all capabilities would be accessible via CSP.
  2. No loss of functionality
  3. At par with other end users and direct customers.

What are the changes?

Provisioning a Service for End Customer by CSP-SaaS partner:

  1. Login to CPN and go to the ‘Services‘ page.
  2. The CSP-SaaS partner would be able to see a new tab: ‘Services Provisioned for Customers
  3. On this new tab, CSP-SaaS partners would be able to search for the customer and provision the service for them.
  4. Provisioning and launch functionalities are the same as before.

Watch this video to learn more.

Managing Customers:

  1. CSP-SaaS partners can log into CPN and go to the ‘Customer Management‘ page.
  2. Partners would be directed to the Customer Management page when they click on the customer/ tenant.
  3. IAM and Organization capabilities would be available here. CSP-SaaS partner would no longer have the ‘Switch to customer org link‘.
  4. CSP-SaaS partners would be able to perform all IAM and organization activities here.

Watch this video to learn more.

Access these Cloud Partner Navigator documents for details:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at cpn-product-managers@vmware.com.


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