Top Shopify Updates in Editions Summer ’23


Shopify announced in August its twice-yearly Editions update, revealing 100 new features. I’m the co-founder of an ecommerce marketing and consulting firm with many Shopify clients. We closely track upgrades to that platform.

Editions Summer ’23 focuses on intelligent workflows. In this post, I’ll highlight the top new features merchants should know.

Screenshot of Shopify's web page for Editions.

Shopify’s twice-yearly Editions describes updates to the platform. The Summer ’23 version had more than 100 new features, according to Shopify.


Shopify is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon. Meet Sidekick, Shopify’s new AI-powered admin assistant, which aims to lighten merchant workloads by combining Shopify’s data insights with natural language processing. Per Shopify, merchants can use everyday wording for assistance in improving their store, completing tedious tasks, and making data-driven decisions.

Sidekick is powered by Magic, the company’s generative AI tool launched earlier this year. Sidekick resides in the admin’s right sidebar to field merchant questions on, say, optimal apps, promo codes, and more. Magic itself gained enhancements such as improved blog creation, email marketing support, and suggested chat responses. TechCrunch describes Sidekick as “like ChatGPT, but for e-commerce merchants.”

Sidekick and Magic highlight Shopify’s push into AI to streamline operations and empower merchants through data and automation. The tools aim to save time on administrative work so entrepreneurs can focus on high-value efforts.


Shopify Bundles simplifies the offering of discounted product kits wherein shoppers can save money by purchasing an assortment (choosing variations such as colors and sizes) rather than individual items.

Bundling is proven to grow average order value. With a few clicks, merchants can configure bundles for potentially lucrative sales.

This native app makes the process seamless and free. It’s worth testing for any merchant not already bundling.


Shopify Subscriptions is an intuitive native app for basic product subscription setups. This highly requested feature lets merchants manage most recurring orders, although advanced needs require external third-party tools.

Subscriptions manages subscriber actions such as pausing, skipping, or updating details. The app provides a low-risk entry for merchants looking to test subscriptions, but its promise lies in likely future enhancements.

Flex Sections

Flex sections are coming. When launched, they will harness CSS Flexbox capabilities to create custom responsive layouts easily. Merchants can drag, drop, resize, group, and edit sections to unique store designs.

Flex sections introduce more dynamic multi-directional layouts and streamlined content alignment adjustments. Shopify Magic can assist with copywriting.

The flexibility aims to empower do-it-yourself customization and unique styling.

Checkout Upgrades

Shopify claims checkout conversion rates up to 36% higher than competitors. The forthcoming improvements (for Plus merchants only) include 17 new checkout APIs for enhanced customizations.

Key features in the roadmap include a long-awaited one-page checkout, expanded app integrations, and options for delivery methods and dates.

Checkout enhancements will initially focus on high-volume merchants but will likely extend eventually to the broader Shopify community.

Shopify Collective

Shopify Collective allows U.S. merchants to sell products from other brands, earning a margin without holding inventory while offering shoppers an expanded selection. After connecting, adding a product takes minutes.

The originating seller handles fulfillment and inventory syncing, so overselling is impossible. Teaming up with complementary brands can be an easy revenue boost.


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