Take AirTag for a ride and track your bike with these Laut mounts


If you love your AirTag soooooo much that you take it on romantic bike rides (or, more likely, you just want to track your sweet ride), check out these brilliant bike mounts from Laut. They’re well-designed and wonderfully affordable.

You can either attach your tracker to your saddle for less than $20, or beneath your water bottle for even less cash. And because Laut’s mounts are so inconspicuous, thieves won’t even see that your AirTag is there.

AirTag bike mounts

If you own a pricey bicycle, you’d be crazy not to track it with an AirTag. Apple’s tracking tags have been used for everything from finding lost dogs and keeping track of luggage to busting illegal drug rings. Mounting an AirTag on your bike is the easiest way to ensure that if your bike ever gets stolen, or you just forget where you left it, you can track its location from any Apple device.

The AirTag’s anti-stalking features might eventually alert a thief that your bike’s being tracked. But you certainly don’t want to mount your AirTag where thieves will spot it immediately. Otherwise, they’ll just remove the tracker before riding off with your property. That what makes Laut’s new AirTag mounts so good: No one will notice they’re there.

Laut’s AirTag mounts keep your bike safe

Laut AirTag bike mount
Prices start at just $14.99.
Photo: Laut

The Bottle Mount, priced at just $14.99, sits on your bike beneath the bottle holder. It comes in two parts, allowing the AirTag to sit inside it. And it attaches directly to your bike’s frame, so nobody can remove it (at least not easily).

Alternatively, if you don’t have a bottle holder, there’s the Saddle Mount, pictured at the top of this page. Priced at $19.99, it securely fastens to the underside of your bike’s saddle, with your AirTag sitting inside it, where it can’t be seen.

Both accessories keep your AirTag protected so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. And they won’t interfere with connectivity, so you’ll be able to track your bike’s location just fine.

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Note: We originally published this post on August 27, 2021. We updated it to include more info on AirTags.


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