Qualcomm sets launch window for its next-gen XR chip


Qualcomm has revealed its plans to launch its next-generation chip for XR (Extended Reality) devices in Q1 2024.

The revelation came from Qualcomm’s GM & VP of XR, Hugo Swart, during an interview with Korean news outlet ETNews.

Qualcomm’s next-generation XR chip is expected to power upcoming mixed-reality devices, including Samsung’s first mixed-reality headset.

This announcement follows Samsung’s recent revelation during the Galaxy S23 smartphone launch event, where the tech giant hinted at the development of a mixed-reality device utilising Google’s platform and Qualcomm’s advanced processing chipset.

Qualcomm’s decision to launch its next XR chip in early 2024 aligns strategically with the debut of the Galaxy S24 series. Industry insiders speculate that the chip’s unveiling might coincide with Samsung’s announcement of its mixed-reality headset during the Galaxy S24 launch event.

What makes this announcement even more intriguing is the prospect of Qualcomm introducing an entirely new lineup of high-end XR chips.

The launch window for Qualcomm’s next-generation XR chip revealed by Swart comes mere weeks after the company launched the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, which powers the Meta Quest 3 mixed-reality headset.

Rumours circulating in South Korea suggest that Qualcomm’s upcoming XR chip will find its home not only in Samsung’s mixed-reality headset but also in LG’s potential venture into the world of mixed reality.

The upcoming launch of Qualcomm’s next XR chip sets the stage for a transformative era in mixed reality. The convergence of advanced hardware and innovative software promises to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences to consumers worldwide.

(Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash)

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