Microsoft announces extended firmware update support for Surface PCs


Microsoft has announced that it will extend the firmware update support for new Surface PCs from four to six years. This change applies to all Surface devices delivered after January 1, 2021, significantly impacting models like the Surface Laptop Studio 1 and 2. Firmware updates play a crucial role in enhancing Windows compatibility, increasing battery life, and refining performance. This extension in firmware update support demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing long-term value to their customers and ensuring the reliability of their hardware. Users of eligible Surface devices can look forward to continued improvements in their experience and hardware functionality, justifying their investments in these products.

Difference between firmware updates and OS updates

It is essential to differentiate firmware updates from OS updates. While firmware updates can facilitate the integration of a new Windows edition, they are not always necessary. As a result, users can still install the latest Windows on Surface PCs that have stopped receiving firmware updates. However, it is crucial to recognize that firmware updates might include essential security patches and performance enhancements. Thus, installing the latest Windows on Surface PCs without the most recent firmware updates might not provide an optimal user experience.

Microsoft can prolong the firmware support cycle for specific devices if it deems it necessary, such as the Surface Studio 2, which will receive updates until 2024. This decision ensures that users continue to receive vital updates, enriching their overall experience and maintaining the device’s efficiency. By extending the firmware support cycle, Microsoft demonstrates its dedication to providing long-term support and assuring customers of their products’ reliability.

Implications of the extended support timeframe

The expanded support period might signify Microsoft’s growing focus on its hardware business. This move highlights the tech giant’s commitment not only to developing new hardware products but also to ensuring long-term support and maintenance for these devices. By extending the support, Microsoft aims to gain customer trust and loyalty, making their hardware offerings more appealing to individual and corporate users.

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