Launch of Nextbase iQ at Best Buy in the US and Canada


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Nextbase has introduced Nextbase iQ, a smart, connected dash camera designed for any vehicle. Featuring the latest AI-powered technology and 4G IoT connectivity for real-time access from anywhere at any time through the iQ app, Nextbase iQ allows users to anticipate, prevent, and defend against incidents both on the road and while parked.

iQ is offered exclusively in-store at Best Buy across the US and Canada and online at,, and – iQ starts under $500 USD/$700 CAD and is connected to a smart dash cam offering up to 4K resolution and a built-in interior cabin camera with infrared. Users can achieve complete vehicle coverage when the iQ is equipped with the optional third rear window mounted POV – the iQ Rear Camera.

“Nextbase iQ is unlike anything on the market today,” said Richard Browning, a chief marketing and sales officer for Nextbase. “It sets a new benchmark for dash cams. But more than that, it creates a whole new category by extending high-end smart home-style connectivity into the car and making advanced connected-car technology – on par or even better than that offered on the most expensive, tech-forward new cars – available to everyone, regardless of the age, type or value of their vehicle.”

Key features include:

  • Smart sense parking – dual-technology powered by Nextbase’s proximity sensing Spatial Awareness and G-Force Sensors that scan the area surrounding the vehicle and warn of any dangers via real-time notifications to the smartphone with imagery and video.
  • Witness mode – voice-activated, instantly saves a 30-minute block of video to the cloud and instantly pushes a notification to an emergency contact in real-time
  • Emergency SOS – automatic alerts for emergency services with location and other potentially lifesaving details following a serious accident.
  • Live view – via the iQ app, see what’s going on in or around the vehicle at any time. The app also allows live streaming, triggers an audible alarm, two-way talk (with future iQ firmware update), viewing video history, sharing, and more.
  • Real-time event notifications – sent to the phone anywhere in the world, whether there’s a bump in the parking lot or an intruder attempting to enter the vehicle.
  • Voice activation – hands-free voice commands to enable privacy features such as mute, turn off cabin cam, activating witness mode, and more.
  • Driving/security mode – iQ can detect the vehicle status and switch between driving mode and parking mode which scans for threats while avoiding car battery drainage.

Looking ahead

The Nextbase iQ is a product that will continue to update with new firmware releases and additional features added throughout ownership, no matter the date of purchase. Several new features already planned include:

  • Guardian mode – notifies vehicle owners/parents based on specific customisable driving behaviour triggers, such as speeding, erratic driving, and GPS boundaries, to keep alerted when the vehicle is with a valet, mechanic, or family members.
  • Push-to-talk – enables speaking directly with occupants in the vehicle or alerting intruders to one’s presence.
  • Roadwatch AI – uses the computer vision (CV) chipset and high-grade cameras to run AI software on edge that tracks the speeds and trajectories of other vehicles around the user, apart from pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooters.
  • Encrypted incident reports – in partnership with T-Mobile IoT, real-time footage and reports can be shared with authorities or insurance companies following any incident to protect drivers and their vehicles. The encrypted incident reports consist of synchronised data, including speed, G-Force, GPS, and video.
  • Driver aware (AI-powered document management system [DMS]) – monitors and improves drivers’ situational awareness and reduces distracted driving.
  • Vehicle aware (AI-powered advanced driver-assistance system [ADAS]) – improves the safe operation of the vehicle and allows drivers to respond accordingly.

These future feature additions will be made available through the iQ’s over-the-air update capability and automotive-grade CV chipset.

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