ios – SwiftUI drag and droppable cells of horizontal list inside of a cell of a vertical list


I’m trying to get a drag an droppable horizontal list in cell view of a main list which vertical.

here is my solution. it doesnt work inside a cell view of a list view but it works outside of List{}. how to get a horizontal list to be drag and droppable for rearranging cells inside a cell of a Vertical List{}?

this is the main list view which show some cells with sections. i removed all other except the one with a cell containg horizontal list with drag and droppable of this sub list.

import SwiftUI

struct ChipModel : Codable, Identifiable, Equatable, Hashable {
    let id : UUID
    var isSelected : Bool
    var titleKey : String
    var systemImage : String

struct AppView : View {

var myList = [ChipModel(id: UUID(), isSelected: false, titleKey: "Year", systemImage: ""), 
                    ChipModel(id: UUID(), isSelected: false, titleKey: "Month", systemImage: ""),
                    ChipModel(id: UUID(), isSelected: false, titleKey: "Day", systemImage: "")]
    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            NavigationView {
                List {
                    Section(header: Text("doc")) {
                        HStack {
                            ChipView(chips: myList)

here is the chipview

import Foundation
import SwiftUI
import UniformTypeIdentifiers

struct ChipView : View {
    @State var chips : [ChipModel]
    @State var draggedItem: ChipModel?
    var body: some View {
        LazyHStack(spacing : 5) {
            ForEach(chips, id:\.id.uuidString) { item in
                    .frame(minWidth:0, maxWidth:.infinity, minHeight:50)
                        self.draggedItem = item
                        return NSItemProvider(item: nil, typeIdentifier:
                    }) .onDrop(of: [UTType.text], delegate: MyDropDelegate(item: item, items: $chips, draggedItem: $draggedItem))

struct MyDropDelegate : DropDelegate {

    let item : ChipModel
    @Binding var items : [ChipModel]
    @Binding var draggedItem : ChipModel?

    func performDrop(info: DropInfo) -> Bool {
        return true

    func dropEntered(info: DropInfo) {
        guard let draggedItem = self.draggedItem else {

        if draggedItem != item {
            let from = items.firstIndex(of: draggedItem)!
            let to = items.firstIndex(of: item)!
            withAnimation(.default) {
                self.items.move(fromOffsets: IndexSet(integer: from), toOffset: to > from ? to + 1 : to)


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