ios – Subscription confirmation email from Apple ignore discount code – says full price to be charged


We have a subscription based app in the iOS App store. We are providing discount codes (e.g., 50% off for full year’s subscription), as well as a 2 week trial. The email that Apple automatically generates at the end of the trial period confirms the subscription, but lists the full price they would be charged, not the discounted price. Users are charged the discounted price, but the email is confusing and has caused users to cancel.

Anybody encountered this issue and know how to address?

Have tried contacting Apple and received this explanation, which doesn’t solve the problem.

The email customers received was to let them know when their free trial would end and what they would be charged at the end of the free trial. This email is an automated email that is sent out to everyone who signs up for a free trial and it does not reflect any promos used. If customers want to check to see if the promo has successfully applied they need to navigate to their subscriptions on their device. Here they will see the accurate price with the promo applied. If they need support with a promo code issue they can follow reach out to our iTunes Support team using the help article linked above.


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