How AI Transforms the Advertising Industry


In this podcast episode, our show hosts Jesse and RichE interview Ricardo Lasa, CEO and co-founder of Kliken, a marketing solutions provider for ecommerce stores. Ricardo discusses the exciting advancements in AI technology and how it is transforming the advertising industry.

How AI Transforms Advertising

Ricardo explains that AI has traditionally been used for optimizing campaigns, such as selecting keywords and determining the best places to advertise. However, with the rise of new AI technology like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), advertisers can now create more compelling and creative ads. This includes creating catchy headlines, calls to action, and targeting the right audiences.

Ricardo gives insightful examples of how AI-generated ads can be tailored to specific products or industries. For instance, he mentions a company called CakeSafe, which sells cake boxes. Instead of using a generic call to action like “keep your cake safe,” AI can create more psychologically compelling messages like “don’t ruin your wedding.” These ads resonate better with customers and drive higher click-through rates.

AI-Generated Images for Ads

The show hosts also inquire about the use of images in AI-generated ads. Ricardo explains that while product images are still used for some catalog items, AI has the ability to generate complete ads using stock photos or custom-made images that evoke emotions and intrigue customers.

AI in Audience Targeting

In terms of audience selection, Ricardo highlights how AI helps identify the most relevant target groups for different products. He gives examples of targeting truck enthusiasts or specific types of skiers based on their preferences and interests. The AI technology analyzes product descriptions and titles to determine the best audience segments. Cool, right?

AI Creates, Human Approves

The hosts also discuss the approval process for ads and audience targeting. Ricardo explains that while AI helps generate ads and recommendations, the final approval lies with the merchant. Merchants have the opportunity to review and make adjustments before launching the ads to ensure satisfaction.

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Overall, the podcast highlights AI’s significant role in revolutionizing the advertising industry. It enables businesses to create more impactful and personalized ads, target the right audiences, and refine messaging based on data-driven insights. The hosts and Ricardo emphasize the importance of leveraging AI technology to improve ad performance and drive sales.

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