Google will alert you when your personal data appears online and will remove it from Google Search


How would you like to receive an alert warning you every time that your personal data is posted online? You can see what kind of info about you is online when you Google your name, address, or phone number. Per CNBC, Google has a hidden feature that will alert you when it spots your personal data online and will help you remove this information from Google Search.
From your web browser, go to Tap on “Results to review,” “Get Started” and follow up with two taps on “Next.” Type in your personal data including your name, address, phone number, and email. You can have more than one entry for each request. 
You’ll be asked to confirm that this is all of the information that you want Google to be on the lookout for, and once you do, Google will ask you to decide how you want to be alerted if your personal data is found on the internet. You can choose to be notified by email, via push notification, or both. The setup process is concluded when Google sends you a pop-up message that says, “We’re taking a look.”

At this point, you just need to sit back and whenever you receive a notification from Google stating that it has found your personal data online, you can choose to have Google remove it from its search engine or leave it. Just keep in mind that Google has a commanding 83% of the search market according to Statista which means that regardless of whether you leave your personal info on Google Search or have it erased, your decision will impact a large number of people who could be looking you up online.

If you decide to change your mind, or realize that you have made an error when you typed in your information, simply go back to the “Results About You” page and start from the beginning. Keep in mind that Google cannot remove your personal data from the internet, but it can remove it from Google Search making it harder to find.


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