Google Photos’ Magic Editor expands to more Android devices


Smartphone photography enthusiasts rejoice! Google Photos is expanding access to its powerful AI-powered editing tool, Magic Editor, making it a free feature for a wider range of Android devices. Initially announced in May, the rollout is gaining momentum, bringing sophisticated editing capabilities to a larger user base.

Google Photos Unveils Magic Editor for Broader Android Audience

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Magic Editor revolutionizes mobile photo editing by offering a suite of intuitive yet advanced functionalities:

  • Smart Object Removal: Go beyond Magic Eraser’s capabilities. With pinpoint accuracy, users can move, resize, or completely remove unwanted elements from their photos.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Unleash your artistic vision. Apply dramatic presets like “Golden Hour” or “Stylized” to the sky or background, instantly transforming the mood and impact of your image.
  • Precise Selection: Effortlessly choose the specific area you want to edit using simple taps, circles, or brushstrokes. Zoom functionality ensures maximum control for meticulous edits.

Accessing Magic Editor is a breeze. Simply open a photo in Google Photos and look for the new button appearing in the bottom left corner.

The good news extends beyond Pixel devices. Magic Editor will be freely available on a vast array of Android smartphones, including popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy A53 5G. This is in addition to the full Pixel lineup, encompassing the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a, Pixel 4a (5G), and older generations.

Transform Your Photos with Google’s New Free Magic Editor on Android!

So, it’s worth noting that Google has democratized access to other intelligent editing tools within Google Photos, removing any monthly limitations:

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  • Magic Eraser: Effortlessly banish unwanted objects, people, or imperfections from your shots.
  • Unblur: Breathe new life into blurry or shaky photos, sharpening them for clarity and detail.
  • Portrait Blur: Achieve a professional bokeh effect, artfully drawing focus to your primary subject.
  • Portrait Light: Optimize facial lighting for a flattering, well-lit result.
  • Sky Suggestions: Replace mundane skies with dramatic presets, adding a touch of magic.
  • Pop of Color: Make a specific color stand out, creating a unique visual emphasis.
  • HDR Effect: Enhance dynamic range and contrast, lending a more realistic look to your photographs.
  • Cinematic Photos: Transform still images into captivating videos with stunning cinematic effects.
  • Styles in Collage Editor: Personalize collages with a variety of pre-designed styles.
  • Video Effects: Apply creative filters and effects to your videos for a distinctive touch.

Another exciting feature unveiled at Google I/O was “Ask Photos.” This innovative tool leverages the power of Google’s AI technology, codenamed Gemini, to facilitate a more intuitive and engaging way to search and relive memories within Google Photos. While currently limited to Google One subscribers in the United States, “Ask Photos” holds immense promise. It has the potential to transform Google Photos from a simple image storage platform into a dynamic tool that fosters a deeper connection with your cherished memories.

In conclusion, Google Photos is making significant strides in empowering users to elevate their mobile photography experience. The widespread availability of Magic Editor, coupled with the expansion of free, intelligent editing tools, positions Google Photos as a leader in smartphone photo editing. The future looks bright with the introduction of “Ask Photos,” promising to revolutionize how we revisit and cherish our photographic memories.


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