Ecommerce Product Releases: Oct. 30, 2023


Here is a list of new product releases and updates from companies offering services to ecommerce and omnichannel merchants. There are updates on AR try-on tools, reverse logistics, delivery insurance, AI-powered advertising, point-of-sale tools, cross-border payments, livestream shopping, and product verification.

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Product Releases: October 30

UPS to acquire Happy Returns for reverse logistics. UPS has agreed to acquire Happy Returns, a U.S.-based software and reverse logistics company, enabling no-box, no-label returns for merchants and consumers. ​​Users can access a returns website, make a box-free return at a convenient nationwide location, and have their items shipped, sorted, and returned to the merchant.

Home page of Happy Returns

Happy Returns

Shippo and Cover Genius partner on insurance for merchants. Shippo, an ecommerce shipping platform, and Cover Genius, an insurance portal for digital companies, have partnered to launch Shippo Total Protection, providing merchants with global insurance coverage and claims handling. Shippo’s network of 100,000 merchants can now insure an order’s total value, shipping label costs, return shipping for damaged parcels, and reshipping costs for packages across North America and other global regions.

Amazon introduces AI-powered image generation for advertisers. Amazon Ads has launched AI image generation in beta, enabling brands to produce lifestyle imagery to improve ad performance. In the Amazon Ad Console, advertisers select their product and click Generate to launch generative AI imagery based on product details. Advertisers can refine the image by entering short text prompts and can create and test multiple versions to optimize performance.

Google releases new AR beauty tools. Google is bringing AR beauty features to mobile browsers, allowing consumers to try on hair color and foundation and allowing beauty brands to advertise with AR. Shoppers can try on different hair shades from, initially, L’Oreal brands. Other brands, such as Splat and Revlon, will be available soon. Shoppers can also search for a foundation type or name, select a product they’re interested in, and tap “try on.”

Home page of Google AR Beauty Tools

Google AR Beauty Tools

Amazon adds small business search filter. Amazon has launched a small business search filter to help shoppers discover products from smaller companies. When a customer’s search results include eligible products from small business brands, the new filter will appear under Business Type in the search filter options. Any brand that meets the Small Business badge criteria and has the badge featured on their products in search or detail pages is eligible for inclusion in small business search filter results.

PredictSpring unveils AI-powered voice assistant for POS solution. PredictSpring, an omni-channel commerce and point-of-sale platform, has launched a voice assistant for in-store retail, allowing natural language interaction between store associates and POS systems. The voice assistant can interpret and respond to complex commands. Associates can quickly find products, view profiles, or complete transactions — all via voice commands. Customers can interact with the POS system when searching for a specific product or during a self-checkout.

Shopify names Gepard PIM as a partner and lists it on the Shopify App Store. Gepard PIM, a product information management platform for ecommerce businesses, is now available through the Shopify App Store. The Gepard PIM allows merchants to collect, manage, enrich, and distribute formatted product data to various sales channels. Shopify sellers can integrate product feeds from multiple content providers. By harnessing Gepard’s AI features, merchants can optimize product data and streamline workflows.

U.S. Bank launches Avvance POS lending solution. U.S. Bank has launched Avvance, a multichannel point-of-sale lending platform. Avvance enables businesses to offer consumer financing during checkout with a quick application and instant decision-making. Avvance lets shoppers pay over time with loan options available during the checkout experience. For business owners, Avvance is embedded in the checkout process, enabling them to offer convenience for their customers without the hassle of managing payments after the sale.

Home page of Avvance


Agora makes livestream shopping tech widely available. Agora, a platform for real-time engagement APIs, has announced the availability of its technology to brands, marketplaces, and platforms to power livestream shopping experiences. The functionality allows sellers to invite external participants into their shows by sending them a link or QR code. Agora’s solution also supports live auctions, personal shopper experiences, and ecommerce-related video chat for customer service.

Signifyd integrates fraud protection into Payment Services for Adobe Commerce. Signifyd is integrating its Commerce Protection Platform with Adobe Commerce. Signifyd’s AI-powered decision model offers a financial guarantee covering all chargebacks on approved orders, whether disputes arise from traditional payment fraud or from consumer complaints, such as a package never arrived or an order was never placed.

Node launches beta for shopping without passwords. I Own My Data has released Node, a commerce provider offering secure online shopping without accounts. Node says it leverages cryptography to put customers at the center of the transaction with control over their information on any site and all within one app, making transacting easier and more secure for merchants and their customers.

Amazon updates product authenticity tool. Amazon has updated its product authenticity tool, Amazon Transparency, as part of its efforts to combat counterfeiters. Amazon Transparency now integrates with a brand’s own product serialization system. When a product is listed for sale in Amazon’s store, the company verifies the code to ensure only authentic products are delivered to customers. According to Amazon, brands can gain the protective benefits of Transparency as quickly as two weeks after enrollment.

Web page of Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency


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