Does the OnePlus Open include stylus support?


Does the OnePlus Open include stylus support?

Best answer: No, you can’t use a stylus with the OnePlus open, which is a shame considering the larger, unfolded screen just screams to be written on and navigated with using a handy stylus. But early reviews suggest that the phones operates like a dream when it comes to multitasking, so you might not even miss this.

OnePlus Open operation without a stylus

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Because the OnePlus Open foldable phone, the first foldable from the brand, does not support the use of a stylus like with some other foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 that works with the company’s S Pen, the only input option you have is using your finger and thumb. For most people, when it comes to touchscreen devices, this is the natural way of navigating screens, selecting items, playing games, and more anyway.

For some who hoped to use the OnePlus Open to do things like take notes, however, the absence of stylus support might be disappointing. But since the phone unfolds from its 6.3-inch size to reveal a larger 7.82-inch screen, manipulating with your fingers as you would on a smaller tablet will become easier. Plus, the OnePlus Open isn’t the only foldable that doesn’t support a stylus: the Google Pixel Fold doesn’t either.


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