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In the bustling world of technology and corporate dynamics, finding a workplace that truly values employee well-being and fosters growth is like finding a needle in a haystack. But Prashant Bajpai, a staff software engineer in Bangalore, says he found that needle. In fact, what he found was so much more. 

Prashant shares that working at Cloudera is like having a basket of fruit that includes everything you could want. “Cloudera to me is like a fruit basket. It not only takes care of my health by providing an incredible work-life balance, it also keeps me motivated to reach new career heights by cultivating a healthy work environment. What more could you ask for?”

An exciting work environment within open source

It’s no secret that we’re a stimulating open source company. What might not be well known externally is how our employees feel about their contributions. Prashant says, “Working at Cloudera, you’re constantly being motivated and encouraged to add value not only to the products you support but to the open source community at large. This to me is a remarkable opportunity that advances my personal and professional development.” 

He feels that so much of this is credited to his leadership, specifically Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli, Jayush Luniya, Rajesh Kumar Mishra, who strive to build and maintain a workplace that allows for learning, growth, and celebration. 

“Every day, there is open dialog that encourages new ideas and allows for healthy debates on best ways to move the needle forward. We have all-hands meetings that keep everyone in alignment with larger organizational goals and short-term goals of the team. We also are in constant communication with managers, which helps keep us all focused.” 

To add to that, Prashant feels that a large part of what makes such a rewarding environment is the celebration of product releases to acknowledge employees. “Our culture recognizes employees’ contributions and celebrates the work that’s been done for every product release.” 

Not all work and no play 

Burnout seems like the price to pay for working within such a fast-paced technical environment, but Prashant shared that burnout is easily fended off. “We’re provided with many regular holidays, flexible PTO, and “Unplugged Days,” where I can unplug from work and spend time with family, travel, go mountaineering, or simply relax at home. This has helped prevent burnout and keep me motivated in my daily work.” 

Cloudera is not just a workplace for Prashant, it’s an endless list of opportunities that make up his metaphorical fruit basket. Our unwavering commitment to employee well-being, open source contributions, and a healthy work environment are what represent the fruit he needs to nurture both his personal and professional growth. In one year’s time at Cloudera, Prashant is confident sharing that his life has been more fruitful since joining. 

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