Bite Launches VoWiFi Service in Lithuania


Bite Launches VoWiFi Service in Lithuania
Bite Lietuva has announced the launch of Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) service, allowing Bite customers to make calls using a Wi-Fi network in places where the mobile signal is unavailable or weak. Bite says the service is available at no additional cost and will ensure even better call quality. As reported by TelecomTalk, this move comes after Telia Lietuva introduced VoWi-Fi technology in July 2023, followed by Tele2 Lithuania earlier this month.

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Seamless Integration with VoLTE

Bite states that VoWi-Fi is the continuation of the company’s VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology, which has been serving customers for the past two years, providing an even better and more stable call connection. Both VoWi-Fi and VoLTE can work together, and if the Wi-Fi connection drops, the call goes through as usual over mobile data.

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Enhancing Connectivity in Modern Buildings

Commenting on the launch of the VoWi-Fi service, Bite Lietuva stated in a press release, “One of the most relevant examples of the application of this innovation is newly built houses and offices. They are often built to high energy class standards, using selective glass for windows and better sound insulation. We notice that this often causes communication problems for people, because materials ensuring high energy efficiency hinder the propagation of communication waves. VoWi-Fi can solve this problem, because a wireless Internet connection is used for the transmission of calls and SMS.”

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VoWi-Fi Accessibility

Bite stated that the VoWi-Fi service is accessible to all Bite Lietuva customers with VoWi-Fi compatible Android smartphones, and the service is scheduled to be available for Apple iPhone users in 2024. The technology operates with an existing SIM card, and no download or special app is necessary to access the service.

According to the official release, the company is continuously striving to enhance the customer experience and is investing 100 million euros in constructing a new-generation network and modernizing existing networks to ensure that every customer can experience an even faster and more stable connection throughout Lithuania.


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